Thursday, September 24, 2015

Erie County PA No-Fault Divorce Pro Se Packet

October 2015: Below is a download for a packet regarding how to file a No Fault Divorce Petition Section 3301(c) pro se in Erie County, Pennsylvania. The download contains the Instructions, Sample Pleadings, and Blank No-Fault Divorce Pleadings/Forms.  Also included is a Petition for In forma Pauperis which can be used to waive the filing fees. 

For Plaintiffs where a party has an enforceable protection from abuse order against the other party, or where the Plaintiff was a victim of a personal injury crime see Supplement for Divorces Under ยง 3301 (c)(2).
NWLS does provide a Divorce Clinic for eligible applicants who want to learn more about filing a Petition for Divorce on your own in Erie County, PA.  Phone 800-665-6957.

Blank Divorce Forms - Pdf format  |or|  Blank Divorce Forms - Word format
Sample Pleadings and Instructions - Pdf format